To ensure that we deliver the best built-up spaces in all that we build and construct, we associate the best architects and consultants in the field of Architecture, Interior Design, Structural Design, HVAC   Design, MEP Design for all our projects.

Some of the Consultants who are working with us to create world class buildings are:-

1. Kapoor and Associates, Archiects & Interior Designers

International Design Experience in USA, England, Spain, Philipines, etc .and a large number of buildings all over India. The partners have studied in the best architecture school of USA and India-including Washington University, USA, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign; USA, IIT-Kharagpur and Chandigarh College of Architecture. The Design Principals of the firm, Architect Ravi Kapoor and Architect Vineeta Kapoor  personally handle the projects of  Nutan  Construction.
www.kapoors. biz

2. F.S.N.D. Architects’  Mumbai, Architects & Interior Designers

The firm is headed by Architect Rajesh Kathe, who bring the experience of working in Mumbai & Pune to our city.

3. Ascent Engineers, Structural Consultant, Mumbai

Our Structural Designers are M/S Ascent Engineers, led by Er. Shriniwas Mahamuni, who has designed many high rise buildings in Mumbai and Pune .This firm brings the experience of working in a high rise environment to Patna.

4. Anil Verma  Consultants, HV AC & MEP Consultants  Mumbai

Our high end projects need the services of  HV AC  & MEP Consultants, which is ably provided by this firm.

5. M/S  Unitech  Associates, Electrical Consultants, Patna

Our  Electrical Services and detailing thereof taken care of by this firm.

6. M/S  P.H. Engineers , Patna

Our PHE work are taken care of by this firm.



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